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How to Create a Best-Seller on Amazon Kindle

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I guess making a best-seller is a two step process: 1. Give people what they want. 2. Tell them about it. That’s the simple part. But first you have to figure out what they want. How do you find out? Well, you can ask them through surveys. You can study other best-sellers in the genre. Or you can give them your texts for free and see what people think about them. (That’s the approach the […]

Soon: My First Novella Published


Somewhere deep down inside myself, I never thought that day would happen. I wanted to write a novel, but most of the time it was just a faint dream. And the few times I did something about it, I wrote a couple of chapters and then hated my work. If it hadn’t been for a course I stumbled upon, I probably would still be dreaming. Allow me to present the cover for my first novella: […]

The Author

Britt Malka

When I was around five years old, I went with my father to work sometimes, and I always loved that they offered me a typewriter and paper. That white paper... all those possibilities! A year or so later, my parents gave me a light-brown typewriter made out of plastic. One of those things that was made for children. With it I typed stories and fairy tales and used my imagination. Later I got a real typewriter (still not electric, though) and I kept typing. My biggest dream was to become a writer. High-school killed my imagination, but I discovered a…

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