Hi :)

I'm taking another lazy day here ;)

We even decided not to go shopping. How about that?

But I did get some things done, and I'll tell you about one of them now.

You know what can kill your blog?

It doesn't matter if you use your blog as a review site with Amazon products or as an ordinary blog - this can kill it.

If your blog takes too long to load, you're going to lose visitors.

You probably know this from yourself - when you're searching for information, and you click on a result - if it doesn't show up really fast, within seconds, you'll use your back-arrow and try another site.

That really hurts if somebody was ready to buy that expensive kitchen gadget. Or if you have great information on your blog and hope to get some AdSense clicks. Or just new subscribers to your list.

I wouldn't know if I lose visitors like that, would I?

Yes. If you check your statistics you can see how many visitors stay shorter than 30 seconds.

Those short visits hurt your blog in more than one way:

  • Google sees it and thinks: Okay, that visitor didn't like the result.
  • You miss the sale, the click, the sign up.

Besides, a lot of search engine will rank your site according to loading speed, so it's a problem you should be aware of.

What can you do about it?

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Blogging? Have a WP blog? This might help (pressie)

by Britt Malka on April 16, 2014

Hi :)

We're all in the middle of a holiday season I think - and I don't know about you, but...

I'm feeling lazy ;-)

Okay, tomorrow it's Thursday - again... and our weekly shopping day. And then it's weekend.

Time flies.

You might be out hunting Easter Eggs, so I'll be quick today.

Show the URL Plugin - normally $17, yours for free

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Small list? Why weeding out subscribers is the way to go

April 14, 2014

In less than one hour I’m going offline. Passover starts this evening… and I have some funny stories involving Passover and Pizza I should share with you…
But not today
Why getting rid of subscribers leads to success
If you’re building a list (or consider it) you might be worried about the costs…
I’ve received [...]

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Tiny list? New to list building? No problem (proof inside)

April 12, 2014
Thumbnail image for Tiny list? New to list building? No problem (proof inside)

How is your weekend?
I hope you’re finding time to relax and recharge your batteries.
Tiny list made huge profit
Yesterday I wrote about the difference between list building and email marketing and why the size of a list might not matter as much as most people believe.
For a lot of the guys with huge lists [...]

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Do you have a small one? (list of course)

April 11, 2014
Thumbnail image for Do you have a small one? (list of course)

Hi there
We humans look at numbers and measures all the times.
And for marketers, one of the things we worry about is the size of our mailing list.I’ve seen a lot of part-time marketers totally give up on list building, because they only have a tiny list.
However, there’s more to it than size (you [...]

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Slammed both doors in my face

April 10, 2014

Hi there
I was just reading through my mail…
While reading a mail by Martin Avis I remembered a situation in Denmark.
First, let me quote a little from Martin’s mail:
Some people are so strange, they get offended at anything! I was wandering around the local 99p shop and an elderly lady and I were both [...]

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Buy or avoid “Light Speed List Building”?

April 9, 2014

A while ago, I asked the subscribers on my list if they wanted me to tell you about both good and bad products.
And the verdict was: Tell me about the bad, too.
Which I did, but which I don’t always do, I’m afraid.
Sometimes there has been good products to tell about and I didn’t [...]

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Inspirational video

April 8, 2014

Hi there
How was your day?
I spend almost an hour this morning outside in the sun on the balcony.
Did I ever mention that I love that?
I did?
What do you mean, “17 times already”?
Native American video inspiration
If this doesn’t make you dream and fills you with a feeling of power and “I can do it!” [...]

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April 7, 2014

Hi there
Today’s topic for me has been “inspiration”.
I answered a mail from a friend who asked me if I’d found my “why” and how I did…
That is a lot about inspiration.
And another friend told me about this book: http://getmoneymakingideas.com/3209/ which – as I understand it – is also about inspiration in this way…
I [...]

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Creating means destroying

April 6, 2014

Hi there
Boom boom!
Those are some of the sounds that wake us up, if we’re still sleeping at 7am.
We live in a house – a rather small building – but with neighbors above us and below us.
Our neighbors above us and our neighbors beneath us are both rebuilding their apartments.
We have around 4.50m (around [...]

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