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A Guardian Angel Cozy Mystery Book 1

Cozy Mystery with a Twist Curvy, green-eyed Amber finally reaches her goal of becoming a guardian angel. The question is: Is this a miracle or a disaster? Even the slightest mistake can be fatal, and clumsy Amber hasn't yet earned half of what it takes to be part of the corps. Damien is a stunning-looking, brilliant young man, but somebody is out to kill him, and Amber is ardent on keeping her young protégé alive…

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Soon: My First Novella Published


Somewhere deep down inside myself, I never thought that day would happen. I wanted to write a novel, but most of the time it was just a faint dream. And the few times I did something about it, I wrote a couple of chapters and then hated my work. If it hadn’t been for a course I stumbled upon, I probably would still be dreaming. Allow me to present the cover for my first novella: […]

The Author

Britt Malka

When I was around five years old, I went with my father to work sometimes, and I always loved that they offered me a typewriter and paper. That white paper... all those possibilities! A year or so later, my parents gave me a light-brown typewriter made out of plastic. One of those things that was made for children. With it I typed stories and fairy tales and used my imagination. Later I got a real typewriter (still not electric, though) and I kept typing. My biggest dream was to become a writer. High-school killed my imagination, but I discovered a…

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