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Dear aspiring author,

Have you ever dreamed about making passive income with Kindle books?

Or maybe you've written and published a book and it tanked?

Do you find it hard to come up with ideas and find enough time to write about them?

I've been there myself!

When I paid $500 for a correspondence course back in the 1990s, it promised I'd end up being able to write a book. But...

Write a book?

I imagined myself curved over the keyboard for months or years... Where would I find ideas worth that much work?

Finally, in 1998 I wrote my first book, and it took months to write it. But since somebody paid me to do it, I didn't worry too much about it.

And from there, writing books wasn't that difficult.

I got an idea for a second book, and I found a publishing house who liked the idea.

Again it took months to write it, but not nearly as long as the first.

Another idea led to a third publishing house, and I stayed there for almost a decade.

These were all medium sized books, but I managed to shorten the writing time with my system, so I was always able to deliver before deadline, always gave it my best, and still had time for other things in my life.

Then Came Kindle...

To be honest, when I first saw Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, I only saw it as a way to publish books the old fashioned way.

Now I know it's much more than that.

When I wrote for the Danish publishing house, my books had to have a specific format and a fixed number of pages.

You have full freedom with Kindle books, and one of the things I found out was that...

One book rarely makes it to the top.

You have to write more than one book about the same topic. If you can write a series of books, it's even better.

If you keep writing long books that takes you months to write, it's difficult to stay motivated. And what if the first book only gets a few sales?

Would you still be willing to write a second book?

Or would you just think, "Well, then Kindle is not for me."

Or, if you're a positive-minded person, you might assume that the topic wasn't the right one. So, you'd write a new book on another topic.

Which only gets a few sales...

New Mindset - More Books

I realized it would be much better to write short, good books than to keep writing "bibles" about every topic.

And then I created a blueprint.

I based it on my experience. After all, I already how to write fast and good at the same time.

I tested the blueprint, and it took me...

3 hours and 9 minutes

To write a Kindle book.

It took me 3 hours and 9 minutes to write a Kindle book.

Do you think that, even with a day job, you can find a couple of hours daily to write your book?

Sure, you might be thinking, “Yeah, yeah, quantity... But I prefer quality..."

I'm going to show you how you can have both.

The best writing I've ever done has been written in the shortest amount of time.


Because when you know what to write, and you're passionate about it, the words will just flow from your brain and down to the paper without resistance.

And that's when you do your best writing.

You get "in the zone." That's where the magic happens.

Your fingers will fly over the keyboard. One word will follow another, almost effortlessly.

And when this happens, you'll be willing to try out new and daring ideas.

Almost instantly, your chances of getting Kindle sales grows dramatically.

So let me ask you a few questions:

If that's the case I have good news for you. But first, let me take this a little further...

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All the best,
Britt Malka

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