By Britt Malka | Sleeping Beauty

May 21
I have to find somebody to clean this room. Cob webs every where. Where is that lazy chamber maid? They probably think that I was too old and weak to see what a slobby job they did.
But I am not weak. My powers grow day for day, and soon the princess will turn 16. Soon she'll fall for the curse, and I am free. Free to grow my powers for the next hundred years.
I'd sworn to revenge the humility bestowed upon me by fairy Jane. People think I'm dead, now, because nothing bad has happened to Jane. Yet. They had no idea how patient I can be. I will get my revenge in the end, and I don't mind waiting.
It feels good to have something to live for.
As I glance through the tower window, my pet dragon flies by. He is no bigger than a cat, but still mighty powerful. The woods around the building withered and died under his tiny flames. The earth is scorched and no new life takes form here.

About the Author

When I was around five years old, I went with my father to work sometimes, and I always loved that they offered me a typewriter and paper.

That white paper... all those possibilities! A year or so later, my parents gave me a light-brown typewriter made out of plastic. One of those things that was made for children. With it I typed stories and fairy tales and used my imagination. Later I got a real typewriter (still not electric, though) and I kept typing. My biggest dream was to become a writer. High-school killed my imagination, but I discovered a new-found love for writing non-fiction. For several years, though, I almost didn't write. I worked in a bank for six month, studied medicine, worked in a supermarket, worked as a childminder, as a secretary and book keeper for a lawyer, before I finally dropped my day-job for good and started to write books. My books were non-fiction books, and they were published through a couple of Danish publishing houses. I also sold two short stories (out of the three I wrote) to two of the biggest Danish magazines. Until recently that was the only fiction I could boast about, because I struggled to write a novel. That's all over and done with, luckily. I grew up in Denmark (and Germany for 3 years), but in 2000 I left to live in France. We stayed there until June 2011, where my husband, son, cat, dog and I moved to Israel. When I write today, I have a view over the blue see, the blue sky and the ever-shining sun.

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