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Jul 16

AAAC – Day 00

By Britt Malka | Challenge

Welcome to this Amazing Amazon Amelioration Challenge 😀

Please participate as much as you can by logging in daily, and by adding your comments, asking questions, answering questions if you can.

You'll get new content daily five days a week, with a new task, but you can follow this challenge at your own pace, of course. Take the weekends off (I do).

But you really should commit to do at least 15 minutes daily (except for weekends) - just to get into the good habit!

So - are you ready? Are you excited?

This should improve your conversion and send your Amazon sites more targeted traffic.

Oh, speaking of Amazon sites...

If you don't have an Amazon review site about a specific topic, you can use your existing blog. I "sell" some free Kindle books from time to time from my blog. Sometimes, they are no longer free, when a new reader gets there, and he buys them instead.

Or the reader gets the free book, but he also finds something to buy, and that makes me a commission.

So you can do that.

Or you can start building a review site.

Great Resources I Use

There are so many great blueprints for creating review sites. I think the one that has taught me the most in shortest time is this one: Kurt Chrisler's Niche Review Website Blueprint (opens in a new window).

I built a small site, following his guidance exactly (which is rare for me), and if I hadn't screwed up when I set up the domain, I would have made money almost immediately. Instead, the domain wasn't indexed for a few months. Now it has my highest conversion rate. I'm going to build more niche sites with this method. You can read my review here, if you like:

If you want more in-depth explanations and are going from almost zero knowledge, then I recommend Easy Paycheck Formula 2 by Sara Young. Her first Easy Paycheck Formula from 2010 was the product that made me make my first Amazon money ever.

This little report from Jennifer Bland is free. She wrote a fantastic book called the "Amazon Affiliate Bible", and I'm using it myself to improve my Amazon sites. You get some great Amazon affiliate tips in her report:

And if you want to learn how to write a thorough review with all the selling points that turns visitors into customers, then I haven't seen better than what I learned from the Amazonian Profit Plan. It's been updated recently, and you get that and so many other handy things here: Affiliate Tools HQ Membership Site

Today's Task

Today is day 0 - day zero. Today's task will be easy.

Find 1-5 existing Amazon posts (it could be reviews or blog posts or lenses with affiliate links to Amazon) you want to improve.

Have them ready for tomorrow where we'll start with the first task.

See you soon!

Jul 14

AAAC – Day 30

By Britt Malka | Challenge

Ooooh, the last day already! I've actually enjoyed this challenge, and I hope you have, too.

Today, I'm going to return to our starting point: Statistics.

You probably check your statistics daily (I do), but once a month, you should get a little deeper. You should also check the products that didn't sell that month, although visitors clicked on the links.

I stumbled upon a great article by PotPieGirl about how you can find some hidden information in the Amazon statistics.

And that's how I discovered that those two products I mentioned yesterday, got the exact same number of clicks, but one of them sold 2, and the other one none.

It's pretty easy to find those hidden data, and I wonder why I never tried this myself. I cannot have been curious enough.

All you need to do is to uncheck "Combined reports" inside your dashboard on Amazon, and to click on "Show all items" under "Items with no order".

You can also use the "Combined reports", but you get a better overview for each tracking ID, if you uncheck this and see one ID at a time.

You can read Jennifer's article here (opens in a new tab).

You can use this knowledge, like Jennifer did to figure out why a product doesn't sell. She discovered that it was no longer sold by Amazon, so she didn't get paid for sales.

In my case, I guess the reason was the longer delivery time and the discontinued product.

It could be other reasons - like I wrote about earlier, like bad reviews on the first page.

Take a look at those unsold items. There may be a reason they didn't sell.

AAAC - Checklist

This is the last day of our challenge. You've seen 22 ways to improve your content, and to make it easier for you to remember them, I've made a cheat-sheet (checklist) with the 22 points.

You can download those checklists to make it easier to remember the different improvements. I made one for Evernote, and one in HTML. You can right click on the links below to save the files to your computer.

AAAC checklist for Evernote (and then import in Evernote)

AAAC checklist in HTML

Today's Task

Write in the comments what you liked about this challenge, and what you didn't like about it.

Write in the comments, if it made a difference for you - preferably for your income.

Oh, yes, and check those unsold items 😀

Jul 14

AAAC – Day 29

By Britt Malka | Challenge

Can you find similar but better?

When you're looking at a product, you probably look at its best-seller rank, the number of stars it has, how many reviews it has gotten, right?

But customers might look at other things, too, like:

When will they get it? (Most people want their purchase as soon as possible, rather NOW than later.)

Is this product still in production?

On one of my sites, I had two almost identical products, sold to exactly the same price.

They both got the same number of clicks (14), but one of them sold 2 copies and the other zero.

Well, with such low numbers, it's difficult to say anything for sure, of course, but I noticed three things about the product that didn't sell:

  • It was a number 1 best-seller in it's group. The other one was only #42.
  • It had 8-20 days shipping time. The other one shipped immediately.
  • It was discontinued.

If there are similar products to the ones you're promoting now, you might want to check if some of them have better conditions, or if any of your products are discontinued.

Tomorrow, I'll show you how I could know about the product that didn't sell, and how many clicks it had gotten.

Today's Task

Look for better alternatives to your existing products. If there are any, decide whether you want to promote both or only one of them.

Jul 14

AAAC – Day 26

By Britt Malka | Challenge

We'll start with a task right now: Go and listen to this song 🙂

Interesting, isn't it? I had that album eons ago, even before CDs and MP3s.

Now, I hope you listened, but if not, then this will be a spoiler: He ruined a perfectly good new item, because it didn't work, and it didn't work, because he hadn't seen that batteries were not included.

Today, you're going to tell your readers what is included with your product. And a great way to show that is by using bullets.

You will probably be able to find that information on Amazon's page, or you could do a search for the item number (see Amazon) and manual. For example: ICE-100 manual.

Most manuals give you a fast overview of what's included, and from that picture above, I could make my list:

What Is Included with Your ICE-100:

  • Base containing compressor and mixing motor.
  • Transparent lid.
  • Mixing bowl with lift-out handle.
  • Mixing paddles for gelato/sorbet and ice cream.
  • Mix-in opening to add toppings and mix-in.

Today's Task

Add a bullet list of what's included with one of your products.

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