How to Create a Best-Seller on Amazon Kindle

By Britt Malka | Writing

Jul 30

Write a Kindle bestseller

I guess making a best-seller is a two step process:

1. Give people what they want.
2. Tell them about it.

That's the simple part.

But first you have to figure out what they want.

How do you find out?

Well, you can ask them through surveys. You can study other best-sellers in the genre. Or you can give them your texts for free and see what people think about them. (That's the approach the author of 50 Shades took as well as author Scott Siegler.)

And how do you tell them about it?

By having a great cover and a description that makes people want to buy.

And by showing them your book, either because you were a clever author who build a list of subscribers. Or because you use social media. Or you pay for ads.

There you have it.

Oh, and story counts, too. More than grammar and spelling.

I just read this excellent article about it, in fact. It gets boring towards the end, but it's a valuable read:

About the Author

When I was around five years old, I went with my father to work sometimes, and I always loved that they offered me a typewriter and paper.

That white paper... all those possibilities! A year or so later, my parents gave me a light-brown typewriter made out of plastic. One of those things that was made for children. With it I typed stories and fairy tales and used my imagination. Later I got a real typewriter (still not electric, though) and I kept typing. My biggest dream was to become a writer. High-school killed my imagination, but I discovered a new-found love for writing non-fiction. For several years, though, I almost didn't write. I worked in a bank for six month, studied medicine, worked in a supermarket, worked as a childminder, as a secretary and book keeper for a lawyer, before I finally dropped my day-job for good and started to write books. My books were non-fiction books, and they were published through a couple of Danish publishing houses. I also sold two short stories (out of the three I wrote) to two of the biggest Danish magazines. Until recently that was the only fiction I could boast about, because I struggled to write a novel. That's all over and done with, luckily. I grew up in Denmark (and Germany for 3 years), but in 2000 I left to live in France. We stayed there until June 2011, where my husband, son, cat, dog and I moved to Israel. When I write today, I have a view over the blue see, the blue sky and the ever-shining sun.

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Michael June 1, 2016

I like you nice simple website layout, and the Kindle process explained, somewhat. I am completing a Sci-Fi styled story set at the end of WWII with a female protagonist, i hope to get it completed and test if people like it-who knows, it is hard to predict.

Britt Malka June 1, 2016

Hi Michael,

I know of several writers called Michael who have success with Sci-Fi stories, so you have nice odds 🙂 Good luck.

Akoli Penoukou August 9, 2016

I’m an up-and-coming blogger and I was doing research for an article about influencers in the internet marketing field and came across your name as one of them. Of course, I couldn’t stop there as I had to do more research about each of the authors. But I was more interested in seeing how and what you were doing with your blogs.

At first site your site surprised me by its simple design. And the writing sounded simple too. But I remembered my experiences while learning to write and later to build a blog. I was told to be as simple as possible. Wasn’t your site an epitome of it?

Then I read the article “How to Create a Best-Seller on Amazon Kindle” and realized what a gem of a site I had landed on. Of course, I will keep coming back for more, to learn and get inspired.

I’ve put my article and book writing into hiatus for the moment. But visits here could bring that dream back.

Thanks a lot!

Britt Malka August 9, 2016

Thank you for your kind words, Akoli. This is my author blog, but since I’ve been writing mostly under pen names, it’s very neglected at the moment.

But yes, I do believe in writing in a simple and easy to understand language.

Good luck with your blogging journey.

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