One of the biggest killers of the world is still on the lose. Do you want to help your readers fight it? And make money in the process?

Stress Kills... Grab This
Stress Killer PLR Pack
to Help Your Readers Fight Back
and Make Money in the Process

Dear fellow marketer,

Do you ever feel stressed?

Do you think your readers sometimes feel stressed?

Would you like to help them (and yourself) to become calmer and more relaxed, even when there are bills to be paid, and while you're busy picking up children on your way home, thinking about cooking and worrying about that main ingredients that you forgot to buy, maybe because there were hundreds of other people at the supermarket at the same time as you?

Our world is filled with stress.

Would you like to make a difference for your readers?

You can even make money while helping, and do it in an ethical way.

You're not going to impose your reader on stuff he doesn't need. You're going to tell him about helpful products that will reduce his stress and make him calm, relaxed and happy.

Imagine getting thank you mails from your readers...

... and see your Amazon affiliate income grow at the same time.



You tell him how to do.

You need to post articles that illustrate what stress really is and how his body reacts to it.

Post articles that show him exactly how stress kills... and give him tips to fight back.

Show him what tools he can get that will help him with that.

Inspire him, and keep in touch with him, so you can continue your motivation and help him.

In other words, you need this:

  • Articles/blog posts about stress, so you can educate your reader and make him able to fight stress.
  • Reviews of stress-reducing Amazon products.
  • A bait to get him on your mailing-list, so you can keep in touch.
  • An auto-responder sequence with stress-killer tips.


If you really want to help your reader and make money in the process, you have several options:

  • You can write the content yourself. This will, of course, mean that you have to do a lot of research and spend time on writing it. We're talking about articles, auto-responder mails and a bait.
  • Or you can outsource this work. You'll have to find a writer who really knows this stuff. Somebody with enough education to know how to fight stress, and how to write articles, emails and reports.
  • You'll have to make videos and write reviews, or pay somebody to do it.
  • Of course, you could also walk away and give up beforehand, thinking that this is far too much work... And then give up on the money that could be made with one of the hottest niches in the world.
  • Listen - You have a better option, and I'll tell you about it now...


Yes, I have a better option for you.

This option means that you don't have to spend hours and days researching for information...

Or hunch over your keyboard eternally, trying to get the words right in your articles.

You don't even have to find fitting products on Amazon, or go through hundreds of reviews to be able to write your own review.

I got your back here with this Stress Killer PLR Package.


  • 10 researched and well-written PLR articles (458 words on average). Tweak them a bit and make them your own, and you can have ten new blog posts online in no time, ready to help your readers kill their stress.
  • 1 outline for a stress-killer report or book (813 words). You will have all the research done for you, and you are free to make a totally unique report, or outsource it and pay a lot less, since most of the work is already done. Use this report as a bait, or sell it as a book. Your choice.
  • 1 autoresponder sequence consisting of 7 stress-killer tips (321 words on average), ready to send out in 7 mails to your list.
  • 10 reviews of stress-reducing Amazon products (322 words on average). You don't have to go through hundreds of reviews, but can make minor tweaks to these hot-selling reviews of products your reader will thank you for recommending.

If you think this sounds awesome, then you're right, but maybe this is not for you?

What Are Your Rights

[YES] Can sell these articles at any price
[YES] Can add as a bonus to other paid products
[YES] Can be offered as part of a paid membership site
[YES] Can give this report away
[YES] Can use this report as free web content
[YES] Can put your name on it and claim as your own content
[NO] Can keep our names on it.
[NO] Can sell through Auction sites
[NO] Can sell resale rights to others
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resell Rights


Let's face it. Not everybody has the same needs, and maybe you shouldn't invest the small price in this package.

This product is only for you, if you:

  • Like to help others and want to make this world a better and more stress-free world.
  • Want to make a difference.
  • Would like to make money online, but insist on this being in an ethical and honest way.
  • Work in the self-help or personal development niche - or want to join that niche.
  • Realize that writing about stress and how to reduce it takes a lot of knowledge, research and writing.

On the other hand, if you're already a skilled writer with a background in psychology, you will most likely want to skip this package.

Let's just for a moment imagine that you believe that this Stress Killer PLR Package could actually help both you and your readers, then your next question would be...


I made this package in close co-operation with my husband, who has been working as a psychotherapist since 1992. He's been published in Danish and French magazines and newspapers, been on Danish and French television and radio, and he even had his own radio program for years, while we lived in France.

We bought our first domains in 1997, and for many years, even after we moved to France, his domain ranked #1 for the keyword "psykologi" (Danish for psychology).

He's gotten numerous "thank you" mails from happy French article readers and podcast listeners, who told him that his words had changed their lives.

I've myself been interested in psychology since I was 15, and I've read hundreds of books about self-help and self-improvement topics. And I've been a professional writer since 1998.

You can feel quite safe about the research that's behind this package. We have many years of experience to back it up.

With that out of the way, maybe you've started to wonder about this question...


How much do you think it will cost to get:

  • 10 articles about stress (400-500 words each)?
  • 1 outline for a report (bait) or ebook (to sell) of 1400 words?
  • 7 emails with great anti-stress tips, ready to post into your auto-responder?
  • 10 Amazon reviews of stress-related products?

Remember that the research has been done by a professional... Not just a random person who answered a gig.

$47 would be cheap. I think you could agree to that.

But we're talking PLR here, so $37 would still be a fair price.

$27 would be extremely low, considering the knowledge that went into this package, and the potential income from the reviews.


So it doesn't get lower than this.


I'll give it to you for $9.95 on ONE condition...

That you grab it right now and start helping people immediately. You owe your readers that much.

I realize that you could also spend $9.95 on a couple of cups of coffee, which is nice, but would it help reduce your stress level?

Or your readers?

And if you think about it...

While you spend money on coffee, you invest money buy grabbing this Stress Killer PLR Package.

The difference is that an investment pays itself back many times, while spent money is forever gone.

You owe it to yourself to make a difference...

Click on the nice button below, and it will take you to PayPal through WarriorPlus' safe portal.

After that it's almost instant download of your full package.

So take advantage of that today.


What if you hate the way we write?

What if our articles suck?

Well, they don't. I'm a Diamond Level Author on Ezine Articles and an Elite Plus writer on iWriter
(despite my Danish background), but you could still feel that they do.

Feeling better now?

Good, then there are only two things you can do.

You can leave this page and leave a great opportunity.

Or you could click this friendly button and become the happy owner of this Stress Killer PLR Package in seconds from now.

P.S. You really have nothing to lose. You get a great package that will save you hours of time and grief, you get happy readers, and you can make money by gaining commissions from Amazon.

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