AAAC – Day 01

Okay, so this challenge is about improving our Amazon income in one way or another.

It could be by getting more targeted traffic, or by increasing our conversion rate.

You can participate in this challenge if you have a blog, or even if you’re building Squidoo lenses. Some things might work a bit differently, though. And as a blog owner, you have some advantages that Squidoo lensmasters don’t have, like using plugins. But let’s get started.

How to Know If Your Income Has Improved?

Today is Day 01 of our challenge, so you’ll have to do some kind of status:

  • What’s your existing conversion rate?
  • How much traffic do you get now?
  • How many visitors click on your Amazon links?

Amazon will give you some of this information, but not all.

Check Amazon

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you probably do this already – maybe daily, if you’re actively creating Amazon posts or lenses.

But for this challenge, I’ll ask you to check the following stats:

  1. Log into your Amazon affiliate account.
  2. Under “Reports”, go to “Tracking ID Summary Report” (in the menu to the left).
  3. Change the Exact Period to go from January 1, 2008 till today.
  4. Now save all those numbers… You can do this in several ways: Select it with your mouse and copy it to a spread sheet. Or install a plugin called ScrapBook in Firefox and use this. Or take a screenshot. Or simply click on the button that says “Download TSV”.
  5. Change the Exact Period once more to only show the last month. This might be more accurate when it comes to comparing your income.

Check Your Visitors

If you have your own WordPress based blog, you can install plugins to check statistics. Or you could use Google Analytics.

If you use Squidoo lenses, you can add Google Analytics, or just check your visitor count on your dashboard.

On my Amazon review blogs, I use “StatPress Reloaded” – You can go to “Plugins” -> “Add New” and search for it. Then install and activate the plugin.

From now on, you’ll be able to know how many visitors you had on a given day, which you can compare with the number of clicks you got (from Amazon’s statistics).

Our aim is to improve three factors:

  • The number of visitors to your Amazon site (blog, lens).
  • The number of visitors who click through to Amazon.
  • The number of buyers of those who click through.

So I would like you to keep track of those figures. It will be fun to compare with the end result. And even a small improvement in one of the three factors can mean a lot, when the percentages are converted into dollars.

Action Steps

  1. Grab a calendar, or Evernote, or your favorite tool for remembering stuff.
  2. Save your Amazon statistics.
  3. If you don’t already have statistics on your blog or lens, install a plugin, or connect it to Google Analytics.

7 thoughts on “AAAC – Day 01”


    I am loving this!!

    The explanation on how to check our Amazon statistics is detailed and easily understood.

    Two thumbs up for Britt!!! 🙂

    Looking forward to Step 2 of the Challenge.



    This is exactly what I need. A helping hand with step-by-step to do list. Great!


    Thanks for this. I will be starting this challenge from scratch so am currently trying to research for a good niche to set up a site on. Have one that gets approx 12,500 searches per month. In Google though the top few spots are taken by Amazon but no one has the exact domain name. Not sure if this would be a good choice or not?

    Look forward to actually making an income with Amazon.

  4. There are so many different way you can research and make an estimated guess about whether or not it’s a good niche. But you’ll never know for sure, before you do it.

    Are you aiming at a mini-niche site with a review of one product or one narrow product group? Or an authority site? Are people buying that product? Do they buy it online and from Amazon? What do you have to lose by going for it? $10 for the domain and some time? The $10 is not important, I guess. Your time is. So is this something you care about and want to write about?

    Personally, I’m so lazy, so I only go for niches I care about, because I know that I’ll not be writing about cameras, TVs or other stuff that don’t really grab my interest.


    Very good explanation to check statistics. I will start from today to keep statistics to check improvement.
    Very good Britt 🙂

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