AAAC – Day 05

Hi there 🙂 Today, we’re going to talk a bit about writing.

This challenge is meant to be something you can use to improve your existing Amazon sites or lenses. And that’s why I haven’t talked about finding a niche; buying a domain; setting up a blog; or creating a lens; and all that stuff.

Amelioration = Improvement.

Today’s task is not about writing reviews. It’s about adding value.

If I were shopping for a new TV, for instance, I would check the possible models, and I would notice that there are plasma TVs and LCD TVs… Probably several others. I have no idea, because I know nothing about TVs.

Now, I would probably know just about which size I would want, but what is better, then? Plasma or LCD? And why? And does it depend on what type of movies I watch? Is one of the types better for sports, which I don’t watch, or film?

If you have a review site, and you tell me about this gorgeous LCD TV you recommend, I would want to know more about the difference between LCD and Plasma, before making up my mind.

You could add a brief explanation inside your review, but it would be much better to add a new post, or create a new lens, and tell me all about Plasma and LCD. You could maybe do two posts: One post about LCD and one about Plasma. Then link to that post from your reviews.

Add Information Posts for Higher Value and a Traffic Boost

It doesn’t have to be technical.

It could be the story about a cat named Frostie, who refused to use his new cat tree. And then the steps his owners took to get him to finally use it one day.

Or how you went on camping, and it rained all of August, and how if you’d not chosen the right tent (affiliate link) you would have had the whole trip ruined.

Share some info, which aren’t reviews.

It can be stories – people love stories – or plain info about things that puzzle potential customers.

These info posts do two things:

  1. It increases the value of your blog/lens.
  2. It gives your blog or lens a traffic boost, because you add more information, and because you can target other relevant keywords for your product/niche.

Today’s Task

Create one information post. Your main purpose should be to inform and/or entertain, not to sell.

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