AAAC – Day 09

Hi 🙂

Are you still doing the daily tasks?

Today’s task is going to be fast to do.

We’re going to optimize at least one title of a review.

A Good Title

A good title is one that:

  • Grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Get ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Tells the reader what he should expect.
  • Promise a benefit.

Okay, for reviews, we have an advantage. It’s not as difficult to come up with great titles here as if you’re writing a blog post or a sales letter.

You could use the following template to come up with good titles:

“PRODUCT NAME REVIEW: plus something else”.

For example: “Blue Banana Peel Machine Z-2000 Review: Will This Really Remove Your Wrinkles and Make You Look Younger?”

That headline gives the reader (and the search engines) the name of the product; tells that it’s a review; asks a question; gives a benefit (removes wrinkles and makes you look younger).

Or another fictive example:

“Nana’s No-Bark XYZ-666: Great For Families with Big Dogs, but Small Dogs Keep Yapping”

That will weed out owners of small dogs immediately, which is good, since the product didn’t work with small dogs. Owners of big dogs will see that this is for them, and they’ll know they can expect an honest review, since you don’t try to fool small dog-owners into buying anyway.

Now it’s your turn:

Today’s Task

Change at least one title, so it contains the name of the product and “review” and something else to attract the right kind of readers.

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