AAAC – Day 10

“How can I help you?”

“Here you are, sir, and do you want fries with that?”

McDonalds didn’t invent the upsell, but they’ve probably made it famous.

Good merchants have always told their employees to upsell the clients.

If they asked for coffee, ask them if they need sugar and cream, too.

This is helping the merchant to make more money, sure, but it will also make the customers happy.


Have you ever been out shopping and then came home to discover that yes, you remembered to buy the bread, but you forgot the cheese?

What if a kind person had handed you the bread and asked: Anything else? Jam? Butter? Cheese?

Then  you would have remembered, and you would have been happy, because this simple question showed interest from the merchant, and it saved you an extra shopping trip.

The upsell in this case is related products, and that’s what you’re going to look for at Amazon. You might know some yourself, but if you don’t, then take a look at the area that says: “Customers who bought this also bought…”

There you have your related products.

Today’s Task

Edit at least one of your review posts and add a few related products.

Add  your comments about the related products.

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    Thanks for this, am a little behind as I had no internet for a few days. Off to make the changes.

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