AAAC – Day 11

Hi again,

Today’s improvement tip will be somewhat similar to yesterday’s.

Instead of searching for related products on your product’s Amazon page, you’re going to search for Kindle books that can be used in connection with your product.

You can go for the obvious: Recipes – when your product is something that can be used to cook or bake with.

But it can be so many other things:

Your product is a baby bed? Why not sell Kindle books with bed time stories?

Your product is a cat tree? See what books you can find about clicker training for cats. Or games for cats.

Your product is an electric screwdriver? Find some awesome DIY books on Kindle.

Be creative. You can search for your main keyword in the Kindle Store and see what they have, if you cannot come up with ideas yourself.

Then add a few books, and write a paragraph about each book and tell your readers, why you recommend it.

Today’s Task

Yups, you guessed.

Find related Kindle books and promote them with your product.

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