AAAC – Day 12


So it’s soon weekend again – or at least time to take a couple of days off.

Today’s improvement tip will let you ad code from Amazon to existing reviews.

So start with a review post you want to improve, and go to your product’s page on Amazon.

Make sure you’re logged in as an affiliate, so you have the toolbar at the top. It makes it easier and faster to grab the code.

This is actually a tip I got from Kurt Chrisler’s Niche Review Website Blueprint (opens in a new window). I thought it was weird, but I did it anyway, and that site I made using his method is converting really well, although there’s almost no text on it.

So when you’re on the product’s page on Amazon, go to the toolbar and click on  “Link to this page”.

If you have several tracking IDs, then make sure you have the right one selected, and then remove the checkmark in “Show border”.

Click on “Hightlight HTML” and copy the code. It’s now ready to be inserted somewhere fitting in your review.

The end result will look like this:

In my opinion, it looks ugly. But if it works, it works.

You can check if it’s working on your site by creating a specific tracking ID for this kind of links. If you already had “kitchengadgets-20”, then you could create one called “kitchengadgetsTI-20”, where TI stands for Text and Image. Or find your own short-code that makes sense.

Tracking will help you find out what works and what does’t, which will save you time, because in the future you could do only what works and skip was doesn’t work.

Today’s Task

Add one product link with text and banner to your review.

2 thoughts on “AAAC – Day 12”

  1. Cool! I love these tips you give us about Amazon and what to do to improve not only our site and sales, but the visitor experience too. I have not yet started implementing any, but I’m going through my site at the moment to see where I can add products in older posts and use your “lessons” to monetize my site. Thank you for all your help.

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