AAAC – Day 15

Hello again 🙂 I hope you had a nice weekend.

We’re now almost half way through our 30 day challenge, and I want you to know something important:

Some of these improvements might work for your sites. Some won’t. So when you find out that something doesn’t work for you, don’t waste anymore time on it.

Recently, for instance, I learned about adding coupons to Amazon sites, and I thought this was a great idea. Everybody loves coupons, right?

So I bought a plugin to make it a one-time-task to set it up and have coupons on my sites. I think it was 2-3 weeks ago. I’m still waiting for my first click.

Today’s improvement tip is one I got from the book I mentioned earlier by Chris Guthrie: [amazon asin=B009K8ARWE&template=thumbnail&chan=default]

Weekly Best Deals Post

The trick here is to make it easy for your readers to see the best deals that week (or rather, the day you post it), and to tempt him to buy.

Amazon is great for these kinds of things. They really give us so many options, and one of them is to find products with discounts, and that’s what we’re going to use here. Let’s take it step by step:

  1. Go to Amazon and browse to your niche category. (Example Small Appliances).
  2. Scroll as far down as you need to see “Discount” in the left hand menu.
  3. Choose either 50% or 70% depending on your niche and the products there.
  4. I suggest you go a little back up again and choose only products with 4 stars and above or at least 3 stars and above.
  5. Then hand-pick 5-10 products. WARNING: If you pick 10 products today, you’re going to have to pick 10 products next week, and next week, and so on. So don’t be too ambitious.
  6. Write a new post or a new module (on a lens) with “Best Deals of the Week”, and make sure you tell your readers that they can find those products with a discount of at least xx% (the percentage you chose).
  7. Add the five-ten products, and write a little bit about each of them. Don’t make this a novel. 50-100 words about each is enough. Remember pictures of the products.
  8. Ask your readers to bookmark your site/lens and come back next week for more deals.

How to Add Text and Pictures

As always, there’s an easy way and a hard way. Why would anybody take the hard way?

Because it’s free. But it takes more work, and of course, your time is also worth money… Still, it’s up to you.

If you’re writing a lens, you can use Squidoo’s Amazon module and share your revenue with them. Or you can use a text module and add the pictures yourself. One way to do this is to download the pictures, upload them to your webhost or Flickr or something like that, and then use the links from there.

Or you could use five modules and add a pictures in each module.

Or you could use SquidCrafter, which makes it very easy to add text and pictures in a nicely formatted way.

SquidCrafter was originally meant for Squidoo, but with the many people switching to their own blogs now, Chris Anderson, the developer, has made it very easy to use for WordPress blogs, too.

Another option, if you’re on a blog, is to use the free plugin Amazon Link, I’ve mentioned earlier.

Today’s Task

  1. Find the best deals within your niche.
  2. Pick 5-10 of them.
  3. Write a new blog post/module and call it “Best KEYWORD Deals of the Week”, where “KEYWORD” should be substituted with your niche.
  4. Repeat this task next week and weekly from now on.

4 thoughts on “AAAC – Day 15”

  1. Published my latest post today with an “Amazone Module” I used on a Squidoo lens last year made on the instructions of Greekgeek. It works on WordPress sites wit a little bit of tweaking, but I will really go and take a look at the Amazon Link plugin you have mentioned quite a few times now. If it can save time on having to struggle with the html codes, I am sure to love it.
    Can I add the link to my latest blogpost here? Not sure so I will leave it for now.

  2. You can do more with HTML than with that plugin, but HTML takes time… And for one product with picture or as link it’s much easier with Amazon Link.

    You’re very welcome to add the link to your blog post here 🙂

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