AAAC – Day 16

Hi there 🙂 When I wrote the title of this post, I accidentally wrote a $ instead of the 1 in “16”. Is this a sign that this tip could make you a lot of dollars? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

And it’s very possible, in fact. Because we’re going to talk about adding comparison tables.

Have you ever wanted to buy a product, say a juicer, and wondered which of the models that would be the best choice for you?

I certainly have, and I’ve often wished there were a comparison table available so I could get a quick overview.

Even if you’re trying to convince your reader that the juicer, you’re writing about, is the best choice, he might still be in doubt and want to know more about the other products AND LEAVE YOUR SITE!

Scary, yes!

If in stead, you could show him the differences between your juicer and the alternatives, he would be able to make up his mind on your site. And even if he should prefer one of the other models, you can give him a link to buy from and still make money.

Sounds good?

Now to the hard work (or maybe not).

How to Make a Comparison Table

You need four components:

  • A table in HTML.
  • 2 or more products.
  • Features to compare.
  • Product links to Amazon.

You can either use a program to make the table with (like KompoZer), or – if you’re on a WordPress blog – use two plugins to make simple and fast comparison tables. The plugins are called:

TablePress & AmazonSimpleAdmin

With TablePress, you get an extra icon in your toolbar, and when you click on it, you can make add a table you’ve made by clicking TablePress in the left hand menu.

You have to add your data in Settings -> AmazonSimpleAdmin. This is similator to what I showed you about Amazon Link.

AmazonSimpleAdmin will make it possible for you to add thumbnails, price, link and ratings just by writing this simple code: [asa]ASIN[/asa] (where ASIN should be the ASIN of the product, you chose).


[table id=1 /]

Instead of just showing the product and star rating, you can add more text and features manually. Yes, this looks like work.

Too much work for me, so I chose the easy solution that will save me time. I bought a plugin called “Affiliate Product Comparison“, which makes it almost a one-click operation to make a nice comparison table. Watch the difference:

[apc id=”1”]

I’ve added a bonus, if you get that plugin through my link. Then I’ll tell you how you can use comparison tables to get targeted traffic to your affiliate site.

But I guess this is enough work for one day 😀

Today’s Task

Make a comparison table for 2 or more products and add it to your post.

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