AAAC – Day 17

Today’s improvement will not take a lot of work, but it will look great on your blog or lens.

We will make a product carousel, and that’s very easy to do on Amazon.

You can use this carousel inside a blog post or module, or in the side bar on your blog.

And you can make carousels with your hand-picked products, or you can make it automatic and use the bestsellers in your niche.

How to Make a Carousel Widget

  1. Log in to your Amazon affiliate account.
  2. Go to Widgets.
  3. Choose the tracking ID you want to use.
  4. Click on Carousel Widget -> Add to your Web page.
  5. Add the products – you can search by name or ASIN, or you can choose “best sellers”.
  6. Choose the layout you want.
  7. Click on Add to My Website.
  8. Copy the code.
  9. Paste the code into the Text part of your blog post/Squidoo lens, or into a widget to the sidebar of a blog.


Today’s Task

Add a carousel widget to your post.

4 thoughts on “AAAC – Day 17”

  1. I’ve used the carousel widget on my latest blogpost as a BIG Call to Action – I am wondering however, if these kind of scripts do not slow down the page load of your site? And apparently there are also problems viewing them in different browsers.

    But I listened to you and also added a text link to a page with the same products as I showcased in the widget – made it bigger and bolder 🙂

  2. The carousel used to show up fine on my computer, but I’m having problems with it now. I guess it’s because I’m on a Mac.

    You’re right in your observations.

    The carousel is easy to make and free. A better solution would be to use SquidCrafter and instead of a carousel make 4-5 images next to each other.

    That’s what I intent to do, because I have SquidCrafter, but for those just starting out, they might want to go with the free carousel tool.


    Hey Britt just added a carosuel to my page for now and will see how it does. As you can see I am behind but getting there. Made a 2 small sales though.

  4. That’s awesome, Sue 🙂

    I’m seeing daily clicks and more sales on the one product I improved.

    Then I got busy with the product I’m launching tomorrow, aie… I’m almost done now, and then I can get back to Amazon again 🙂

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