AAAC – Day 18

In today’s improvement tip, I want you to put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

You’re there now? Wow, you’re looking great in Dolly’s high heals. Okay, sit down, before you fall.

Good. Dolly found your post, because she’s looking for a gift for her favorite uncle Ridge B. Astard.

She’s not really sure if it should be model A or model B. Your comparison table makes her choice a bit easier, but still… Would he prefer gold yellow or silver blue? And 6 cups or 8?

What to do? His birthday is in a few days, and Dolly wants to impress her uncle.

She takes a fast decision: Yellow. But she doesn’t even have time to feel comfortable about this before she gets a shock: None in stock.

She leaves your page and goes to the nearest shopping mall to find something else.

But what if you could give her a third alternative? One that she hadn’t thought of? One that would be there in time for his birthday, even the same day? And one that would make him happy with the perfect choice?

Yeah, I’m talking about a gift card.

And it’s so easy for you to add this alternative that I have blue marks around my ankles now for kicking myself for not doing this earlier.

How to Add Gift Card Option to Your Blog or Lens

  1. Log in to your Amazon affiliate account.
  2. Go to Links & Banners -> Banner Links.
  3. Click on Gift Cards at the top.
  4. Select the affiliate ID you want to promote with.
  5. Highlight the code for the banner in the size you’ve chosen.
  6. Add the code to the text part of your post/lens, or – better – to a text widget to your blog.

That’s it!

Today’s Task

Add a gift card widget to at least one of your lenses or blogs.

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