AAAC – Day 24

How about making your readers really happy today by giving them $1,000?

Don’t worry. It will not be real money, but hypothetical dollars.

Let me tell you why this is a great idea.

Amazon Is Great at Conversion

Amazon does a really fine job when it comes to converting potential customers.

So if you can get your readers over to Amazon, you stand a better chance of making money than if they stay on your page.

And what better way to get a sale than to make your reader imagine that he has a lot of money to spend? Money that are marked for spending in Amazon?

How to Give Your Reader 1,000 Virtual Dollars

I wish this was my idea, but it isn’t. I got it from ProBlogger and this blog post. (Opens in a new window.)

Basically, you create a new blog post and in it, you ask your readers what they would buy within your niche, if they had exactly $1,000 to spend, and then you link to Amazon, and tell them that they can play around there, and leave their choices in the comments.

This is funny for your readers, and it’s a potential money-maker for you.

My extra tip: Use a picture of a Visa or MasterCard in your blog post.

Today’s Task

Create a new blog post or module and invite your reader to spend $1,000 virtual dollars through your affiliate link.

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