AAAC – Day 25

First impression counts.

It’s important that your reader gets a good impression when he leaves your page to go to Amazon. And what’s the first thing he’ll look at?

Reviews, right?

You’ve probably chosen good products, meaning products with 3, 4 or more stars. I normally only pick products with 4 stars and above. But some go as low as 3. It’s up to you.

But even though the average star rating counts a lot, so does the first reviews a visitor will see, when he visits Amazon.

A product can have close to 5 stars rating, but if a potential client sees only bad reviews, he’ll be likely to leave without buying.

Visitors can vote reviews up and down, so what you see when you visit a product page on Amazon are not the latest reviews, but the reviews that got most votes.

Take a look at this picture, for instance, and see what meets the eye of a potential buyer (it’s very big, so I’m only linking to it): unhappy reviewers

That product is a best-seller, and it has a rating of 4.5 stars made by 1,061 reviewers, so it might not influence on your sales, but it could.

If you’re promoting a product that has ratings below 4 or 5 stars among the visible ones, it might serve you better to change the blog post status to Draft, and then check back later to see, if the ratings have gone up again.

Today’s Task

Check 5-10 of your products to see, how well they are rated. Any bad ratings visible on the first page? If so, consider changing the status to Draft.

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