AAAC – Day 26

We’ll start with a task right now: Go and listen to this song 🙂

Interesting, isn’t it? I had that album eons ago, even before CDs and MP3s.

Now, I hope you listened, but if not, then this will be a spoiler: He ruined a perfectly good new item, because it didn’t work, and it didn’t work, because he hadn’t seen that batteries were not included.

Today, you’re going to tell your readers what is included with your product. And a great way to show that is by using bullets.

You will probably be able to find that information on Amazon’s page, or you could do a search for the item number (see Amazon) and manual. For example: ICE-100 manual.

Most manuals give you a fast overview of what’s included, and from that picture above, I could make my list:

What Is Included with Your ICE-100:

  • Base containing compressor and mixing motor.
  • Transparent lid.
  • Mixing bowl with lift-out handle.
  • Mixing paddles for gelato/sorbet and ice cream.
  • Mix-in opening to add toppings and mix-in.

Today’s Task

Add a bullet list of what’s included with one of your products.

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