AAAC – Day 29

Can you find similar but better?

When you’re looking at a product, you probably look at its best-seller rank, the number of stars it has, how many reviews it has gotten, right?

But customers might look at other things, too, like:

When will they get it? (Most people want their purchase as soon as possible, rather NOW than later.)

Is this product still in production?

On one of my sites, I had two almost identical products, sold to exactly the same price.

They both got the same number of clicks (14), but one of them sold 2 copies and the other zero.

Well, with such low numbers, it’s difficult to say anything for sure, of course, but I noticed three things about the product that didn’t sell:

  • It was a number 1 best-seller in it’s group. The other one was only #42.
  • It had 8-20 days shipping time. The other one shipped immediately.
  • It was discontinued.

If there are similar products to the ones you’re promoting now, you might want to check if some of them have better conditions, or if any of your products are discontinued.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how I could know about the product that didn’t sell, and how many clicks it had gotten.

Today’s Task

Look for better alternatives to your existing products. If there are any, decide whether you want to promote both or only one of them.

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