AAAC – Day 03

Today, we’re going to improve our call to action links. Yesterday, we worked on text link in the beginning of an article (blog/lens), but you should also have a text link as a call to action at the end. This “call to action” must tell your reader to visit Amazon, but there are many ways …

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AAAC – Day 02

Hi again 🙂 Before I forget… I saw somebody in a Facebook group saying that she didn’t make sites for (only .de and some other), because she lived in Germany, and couldn’t have money transferred to her bank from That’s so true. I used to ask for gift cards, back when I made …

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AAAC – Day 01

Okay, so this challenge is about improving our Amazon income in one way or another. It could be by getting more targeted traffic, or by increasing our conversion rate. You can participate in this challenge if you have a blog, or even if you’re building Squidoo lenses. Some things might work a bit differently, though. …

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