AAAC – Day 00

Welcome to this Amazing Amazon Amelioration Challenge 😀 Please participate as much as you can by logging in daily, and by adding your comments, asking questions, answering questions if you can. You’ll get new content daily five days a week, with a new task, but you can follow this challenge at your own pace, of …

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AAAC – Day 30

Ooooh, the last day already! I’ve actually enjoyed this challenge, and I hope you have, too. Today, I’m going to return to our starting point: Statistics. You probably check your statistics daily (I do), but once a month, you should get a little deeper. You should also check the products that didn’t sell that month, …

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AAAC – Day 29

Can you find similar but better? When you’re looking at a product, you probably look at its best-seller rank, the number of stars it has, how many reviews it has gotten, right? But customers might look at other things, too, like: When will they get it? (Most people want their purchase as soon as possible, …

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AAAC – Day 26

We’ll start with a task right now: Go and listen to this song 🙂 Interesting, isn’t it? I had that album eons ago, even before CDs and MP3s. Now, I hope you listened, but if not, then this will be a spoiler: He ruined a perfectly good new item, because it didn’t work, and it …

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