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Hi, and welcome to my blog 🙂

This blog is written by me, Britt Malka.

And who am I?

Well, I think of myself as a full-time writer and part-time blood elf.

Before you run off to the nearest telephone to call someone and have me put in a straightjacket, I’ll better explain myself.

Ever since I gave up my dream of becoming a ballet dancer (I must have been around 12 years old at the time) I wanted to write.

I wanted to write novels, articles, inspiring stories – writings that would change the world for the better.

Unfortunately, I had very little self belief so, after high-school, I started work in a bank. Here I begrudgingly worked for 6 months, before quitting the job with a hard slam of the door.

After attempting further studies and a variety of other mundane jobs, I began to take my writing more seriously. This resulted in having several short stories published in two major Danish magazines during the period 1994-1995.

Was I happy? You bet!

In 1996, I quit my day job and started my own company where, amongst a variety of other commitments, I taught adults how to use computers.

Starting to teach became a turning point for me because, shortly afterward, I wrote the complete course material for my own use, and also for another teacher in the class.

This material proved to be a huge success, as I not only took into consideration that which the students were supposed to learn, but also the myriad of things that often went wrong – and what could be done to rectify them.

Shortly after this, I was asked to write the training material for Windows 98, which was to be used by all the merchant schools in Denmark. This was followed by the publishing of another book by a large editing house.

In 2000, my husband Cyril and I, together with our children, moved to France.

I knew basic French from high-school, but soon found out that this level of language wasn’t of a high enough standard to land me a job.

Actually, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I was forced to find alternate sources of income.

I contacted another Danish publishing house and, in February 2001, my first book with IDG Forlag (now Libris) was published and, shortly afterward, could be found on the shelves of nearly every bookstore in Denmark.

This was the first of approximately 25 books I was to write, many of which were later translated into other languages.

At the same time, Cyril and I commenced as resellers of an email client, which we on-sold to French and Danish customers.

This taught us a lot about Internet marketing.

But you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was for our clients back then. LOL.

Firstly, they had to go to a site to find our name and address.

They then had to write to us (by snail mail) and tell us the type of license they required; how many copies they needed, and which particular version was necessary to fulfil their needs.

Finally, they had to include a check, or transfer money into our bank account.

Using this convoluted method, we surprising did very well. However, little by little, I began to automate these tasks.

The email client was only the beginning of the services we offered. Some of our clients inquired as to whether we would like to promote their products as well, so we subsequently started working for them as their affiliates.

At the time of publishing our first e-Book online, we purchased a script that could register a payment from PayPal, and then automatically deliver the e-Book to the customer.

Back then, there were no finished software solutions available, so I had to build a new system by combining several different blocks.

This script, together my additions, directly delivered the e-Book to the client but, unfortunately, didn’t keep track of any other details. To think that the hundreds of clients who bought from us, were never contacted again…

And then, somewhere along the way, I heard about list building.

I thought that it sounded interesting, and wanted to try it for myself.

So I started with a small list featuring weekly tips on how to use the computer. Little did I know that it would turn into a full-time income, which would continue to support my family and myself for many years.

Subsequently, subscribers from this list personally contacted me by email to ask more detailed questions, resulting in my making friends with many of them.

My next step was to begin writing about ‘how to earn money online’.

I loved to teach others about this subject, just as I loved my resultant life style and the freedom I’d attained.

I earned the bulk of my income from writing articles and blog posts on the internet, and by selling an e-Book which I’d written.

Little Things Can Make A Huge Impact

Sometimes, you do small things in life that turn out to have a huge impact.

One of the little things I did, was to join a particular membership site.

On that site, I ‘met’ Pete Tunbridge, who later became my friend and proofreader.

He’d seen a comment that I’d written on the membership site forum, inquiring as to how I could improve my English – and offered to proofread my first articles for free.

This relationship has now lasted several years, and Pete has done wonders for me by dramatically improving my English language skills, whilst also building my self-confidence.

I can’t thank him enough for encouraging me to write in English in a more personal tone, and also write what I feel and think – knowing that his sharp red pen will correct all my grammar, spelling mistakes and “Danish-English” expressions.

He has the knowledge, and love of, what is the fantastically rich English language. I really admire these traits, and continue to learn from him.

Behind Every Successful Woman…

Irrespective of whether you’re male or female, you cannot run an Internet business if your spouse or partner doesn’t believe in you – and that which you are trying to achieve.

If you are constantly told to find (or keep) a job, or start making money the “real” way, you will not succeed.

You definitely need the support of your family.

My husband, Cyril, has always believed in me – perhaps even more than I do myself. In fact, he’s always told me to “think big and aim high”.

We constantly share thoughts and brainstorm new ideas together. We work side by side, but mostly on different tasks. Sometimes we overlap in what we’re doing, but that’s great, too.

What Products Do I Recommend You Purchase?

From the beginning, I’ve only ever recommended products that I’ve personally used and loved. In fact, that’s why I started to promote and sell the previously-mentioned email client. I used it – and was passionate about it.

Since then, more than one person or company have come forward and asked me to sell their product and, in so doing, assured me of earning a considerable income. I thanked them but politely said ‘No’ to many of these offers, simply because their products didn’t live up to my expectations.

One of my students, who later became a friend and colleague, said this about me: “Britt doesn’t build lists, she builds friendships.

And that’s true!

I really do value the relationships I build with my list members, and I would only recommend products that I liked myself. You wouldn’t cheat a friend, just to make money, would you? Of course not, and either would I.

It’s my goal online to help people gain a life of liberty and freedom. I’ve achieved this myself, after much trial and error, and now wish to give something back in return.

How to Quit Your Day Job and Gain Freedom and Liberty

Firstly, you have to take action and be persistent, if you want to succeed.

You also need to have a sense of direction – knowing what to pursue, and what to leave alone.

Personally, I go by my feelings. If I continue doing something I dislike for any length of time, then I know I should stop procrastinating and make a change by beginning to do something else.

I do, however, set deadlines for myself. Being independent doesn’t mean having no boss. It means being your own boss. And it’s important that you know what tasks you have to do on a daily basis.

Oh, and please don’t work 7/7. I’ve tried that. You’ll earn much more if you only work 5-6 days a week and ensure you have fun whilst doing it.

Which takes me back to the High-elf part of my story.

Three years ago, I started playing World of Warcraft. Previously, I’d never enjoyed playing computer games. This was the first time I enjoyed playing a game and ended up playing every evening and late into the night.

Nine months ago, I moved away from WoW and, in the spring 2011, I started to play Rift, which is also a role-playing adventure game.

I liked to transform myself into a slender, high-jumping High-elf, who kills enemies and dragons and finally saves the world.

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s far from a waste of time.

I’ve made money within the World of Warcraft niche, and I hope to duplicate this and also make money in the Rift niche.

Since all Rift writing and chatting is conducted in English, this is where my knowledge and proficiency of the language will rapidly increase.

At the time of writing this blog, I am currently residing in Haifa, Israel, having moved here from France in June 2011.

And I’m happy to have finally arrived.

I’d never seen the country before, but always dreamed about going there.

Now I’m here, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and basking in the hot weather. The people (in general) are very pleasant and we live close to the sea, which was another long-held dream of mine.

Phew, I’d better finalize and edit this About page, so…

I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay on my blog.

Take care,


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