Hey, I'm Britt Malka

Britt Malka
In 1995, I quit my day-job to become a full-time writer.

I have lived in four different countries: Denmark, Germany, France, and since 2011 Israel.

Several genres have my passion and attention. I love to read and write mysteries and cozy mysteries, and I'm always coming up with murder plots, which make my cat, Frostie, worried. Or I'm writing emails to my lists. I love email copywriting with a passion. Oh, and I add lots of stories to my emails.

As a child and young woman, I spent a lot of time in my uncle’s hairdresser salon. I “helped” with tasks such as sweeping the floor, washing towels and coats, washing the hair of brave clients, handing curlers, emptying and washing ashtrays, and serving coffee.

When I'm not writing, I'm playing  World of Warcraft, walking my dog, Nefnef, splitting up pet fights between Nefnef and the cat, Frostie, or learning Hebrew.