Amber’s Peace and Love

What do I want, what do I want?

I’ve never thought about it. A grand-dad? A grand-mother who aren’t so mysterious and silent about what happened?

Peace? Love?

Love, ha!

Somehow I always run into the wrong guys. They start out being oh, so strong, but they always end up running for their mother’s skirt.

So what do I want? Nothing. Nah, that’s not true. I want a strong, handsome and interesting man. A man who isn’t afraid to contradict me. A man I can trust. Faithful. Loyal.

Santa Claus, in other words. Such a man doesn’t exist.

What else?

I want my neighbor to be safe. I’ve heard her boyfriend yell at her in a strange foreign language. Or ex-husband. She says they were married, but she left him, and he doesn’t accept it.

Another unhappy marriage.

That’s about it. Easy. World peace, a strong, handsome and loyal husband, and for my neighbor to feel fine and free.

What am I afraid of? Let’s see:

– spiders
– dying
– driving too fast
– flying
– handsome men
– not being believed
– a threat to my family
– losing my mind
– drowning
– snakes
– suffocating
– getting old
– not getting old
– being bitter
– doing something clumsy


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